Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Brick Day

Yes kiddies....its Brick Day.

Its also Poetry, Grouch, Sewing Lovers and White Cane Safety Days and if you ask my BFF and myself, we both liked White Cane Safety Day just as much.

Brick Day...what it is you ask? Apparently some dude somewhere tried to sell brick for houses in the greater Southwest of the country and no one was having it. They all wanted Adobe cause its real purdy like. So he sold his business and did what any other defeated American would do...took 2 or so bricks, found a dive bar and started drinking. So lets celebrate! Rules say to call in sick to work, get a brick or 2 and go sit in a bar and get piss drunked! Yea, then there's reality...but you have to agree its a funny idea!

Oh I experienced a 5 year old's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's this weekend. That was entertainment on a new level. Giant tubes hanging from the ceiling, pens (yea pens like what you stick cattle in) sectioned off for some other random rides. And all the flashing light, sound making, jiggling up and down and sideways rides you can get your kid on in under 2 minutes. Then the giant ratman comes out from gawd only knows where to shove nasty over sugared icing covered cake down your kids throat while he riles them up some more. This is after the greased out nasty heartburn inducing pizza is thrown at them. Don't forget to wash it all down with high fructose corn syrup juice or straight up soda. Really...have parents become so f*ckin' spoiled they can't even take 2 hrs to plan a party for their own kids!

What ever happened to nice fun at home parties with homemade cakes and throwing some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill while the kids from school or daycare come over to just run around and play games in the backyard? Where moms could sit on the deck and gossip about inlaws and bad sitcoms while the the lil ones run around and dads could wander about the backyard with beers and chat about golf and inlaws. Do we really need to contain our childrens like this? Do parents really not want to put any effort or thought into the parties their kids have?


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